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tuka is an online network platform that helps creators find audiences, share their content, and get paid, while also helping consumers to find the content they love, pay less for it, and reward them for sharing it across their peer networks. The online network integrates three web technologies to empower users to CREATE, SHARE, and CONNECT by building out and controlling their peer community networks.

Empower Artists - Reward Fans - Make the connection.

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we share our creativity and connect. Click here to watch the video...


The tuka Vision: WHY.

We seek to inspire Creativity and promote Social Connection
to build vibrant cultural communities and markets.

We are all creative in some way; we also desire a sense of community. Shared art and culture help us to connect; technologies help us connect and network. At tuka we provide technology to help the world connect based on shared creative expression, the value of which is returned to those creating and sharing the content. We believe shared creativity and social connection can serve artists and their consumer/audiences, build more constructive social networks and markets, and inspire creative expression and cultural innovation.

Mission statement: HOW.

Premise: In the digital economy, most value resides in data networks, not content. Content is used to build data (audience) networks for monetization.

    1. Promote more robust and meaningful social connections by offering a social network dedicated to engagement based on shared original creative content.
    2. Empower users to build and manage their peer networks (Followers) on the tuka platform in order to build audience shares and take control of their creative destinies. This applies to both artists and influencers/curators.
    3. Provide monetized crypto-token incentives for users to filter content and target audience niches based on intrinsic artistic value rather than popularity metrics.
    4. Use decentralized blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies to eliminate the need for centralized distributors and middlemen, ensuring that value is recycled within the creative community of artists, fans, and curators.
    5. Promote cross-pollination of creative formats by serving the needs of all digital artists—musicians, writers, photographers, poets, videographers, etc. — as well as the fans and audiences who love to consume, shape, promote, and curate creative content. This expands the size and value of peer networks, as well as the entire ecosystem.


WHAT is tuka?
      1. A creative content browsing and discovery portal
      2. A creative content-sharing social network
      3. A decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace
      4. A tokenized curation/promotion platform
      5. A decentralized peer-network build-out platform
      6. A digital asset copyright registry


Read our STORY and follow our BLOG to discover exactly how such a creative media ecosystem can work?


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