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What is tuka?

Empower Artists - Reward Fans - Remove the middleman.

tuka is an online network platform that helps creators find audiences, share their content, and get paid, while also helping consumers to find the content they love, pay less for it, and reward them for sharing it across their peer networks. The online network integrates three web technologies to empower users to CREATE, SHARE, and CONNECT by building out and controlling their peer networks.

Mission statement
  • Serve the needs of all digital creators--musicians, writers, photographers, poets, videographers, etc.--and the fans and audiences who love to consume, shape, promote, and curate creative content.
  • Empower members of the community to own and manage their peer networks to control their creative destinies.
  • Ensure that value is recycled within the creative community of artists, fans, and curators.


Read our STORY and follow our BLOG to discover exactly how such a creative media ecosystem can work?




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