“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on…”

– Albert Einstein

…an idea whose time has come.

What is tuka?

tuka is an online network platform that helps creators find audiences, share their content, and get paid., while also helping consumers to find, share, and pay less for the content they love. The online network integrates three web technologies to empower users to create, share, and connect.

Mission statement

Our mission is to:

  • Serve the needs of all digital creators–musicians, writers, photographers, poets, videographers, etc.–and the fans and audiences who love to consume, shape, promote, and curate creative content.
  • Ensure that value is recycled within the creative community of artists, fans, and curators.
  • Empower members of the community to own and control their networks and creative destinies.

Exactly how does such a creative media ecosystem work?




Panel 1

…an ecosystem?

As an ecosystem tuka requires feedback and the recycling of resources to sustain itself over time. As a user, you become the most important element in this ecosystem, which works with you and for you, whether you are a creator, a consumer, or both.

Digital technology has disrupted the former business models for the creation, distribution, and sale of creative content. We’ve all witnessed the plights of the recorded music, publishing, photography, and film industries.

Unfortunately, the new digital media models are not sustainable because all value is concentrated in the distribution servers, starving the creators while devaluing their content. (An artist who distributes content on YouTube needs more than 14 million streams a month in order to earn as much as the minimum wage.)

tuka seeks to solve this dilemma by integrating the three functions of creating, sharing, and connecting with:

  1. an online social network platform [OSN],
  2. a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol [P2P] and payments system, and
  3. a Blockchain [BC] platform that records and traces all exchanges and information flows.

Every artist has a fan base and every fan has favorite artists they follow. We refer to these audiences and followers as peer networks. The purpose of tuka is to empower creators and their fans to build and manage their own decentralized peer networks over the same central network platform.

This is analogous to how we manage our own selective smartphone or email contacts over a global network of roughly 5 billion users that conceivably connects us to every user on the planet.


Panel 2

3-part harmony?


The purpose of the OSN platform is to share and promote content. It’s different from Facebook because postings are limited to sample files of creative content. In other words, good-bye to white noise and push ads. Through a timeline feed, users curate their feeds so creators can discover their audiences and vice-versa.


Resulting transactions among users are enabled over a peer-to-peer [P2P] file-sharing distribution and payments network.


The flow of transactions and shared information is recorded by the Blockchain (BC). Peer networks are managed through a dedicated user dashboard. We might put it more simply in these terms:

OSN + P2P + BC = tuka

Control Your Peer Network.

Blockchain is a distributed public ledger that records all transaction/data flows between users, whether monetary or non-monetary (read more on our BLOG posts). Smart contracts can be written into the metadata of digital content so the Blockchain can distribute value to every user who contributes to the final transaction, meaning promotional efforts by fans can be rewarded by content owners, contingent upon sales. Successful promotion and marketing receive remuneration after the sale; while unsuccessful or free promo incurs no costs.

A Blockchain system also means users have the power to build out and control their own peer networks on the platform. Users can reap the value of their data networks rather than surrendering that value to network servers.



Panel 4

…a solution emerges…

The resulting ecosystem of creators, consumers, and promoters is self-sustaining, as the transactional and promotional value can be fed back into the user community instead of being siphoned off by centralized social networks and digital distribution systems. The platform ensures creators’ control over the distribution of owned content. P2P file sharing means all content resides on the creator’s computer or server, under his or her control.

Blockchain secures the value chain, ensuring data and transaction transparency from the point of creation through promotions, file shares, and sales, making honesty it’s own reward but also allowing sanctions for violations. A potential virtual currency value created by the Blockchain can enable value to be assigned and realized for non-monetary transactions within the ecosystem, such as promotion.

tuka is essentially a platform for the development of decentralized, or distributed, peer networks dedicated to sharing digital media content.

Next steps…

CONNECT to become part of the community effort. Become a BETA user and help build out your own network as part of the future ecosystem.

Read more about the intricacies of the digital economy, peer networks, and blockchains on our BLOG.

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